Leica R5 35mm SLR Film Camera Body only

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 by travmcgee73 posted on Aug 07, 2020 23:44

leica r5 35mm slr film camera body only
Leica R5 35mm SLR Film Camera Body only. Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. Seems to be working well. Haven’t tested flash shoe, but the roll of film I shot with it looked good. There are some slight bumps in the finish, but that was common to the model line....
Onsale for $ 286.00 and shipping from McLean, Virginia...read more on eBay...

 by nordako posted on Aug 06, 2020 21:08

canon ivsb ep rangefinder body quality leica clone near mint cla d
A nice Canon IVSB body in perfect working order from the early 50's. The camera is marked and in near mint condition. The Canon is a high quality Japanese Leica clone with a much improved viewing and focus system that offers three levels of magnification for easier focusing. The optics are clean and bright with a well-defined and accurate rangefinder patch. The shutter curtains are new and all speeds are accurate (within tolerance) including the slow speeds. The camera has been cleaned, lubricated and adjusted. The interior is clean with the original spool present. The exterior of the camera is about like new with only the lightest indication of use. No scratches, dents, corrosion or other issues. The camera operates very smoothly and accepts all Leica thre...
Onsale for $ 259.00 and shipping from North Bend, Oregon...read more on eBay...

 by carcam posted on Aug 08, 2020 22:12

leica iiif red dial and self timer body rare and collectible
For sale is a Leica IIIf Red Dial / Self Timer rangefinder camera body. This is one of the last of the Leica screw mount bodies manufactured (along with the IIIG) and is highly collectible and usable. This being a Barnack Leica is compact and highly versatile in function. The camera is in excellent condition cosmetically. All functions are working as intended, the shutter works fine, the film advance works fine, the self timer works, the rangefinder is working fine. The one issue is with the 1/1000 shutter speed. This speed does not appear to be functioning correctly with the second shutter curtain being slow to return. The camera comes complete with a front body cap and the film take up spool. You will not be disappointed with this camera. Please note, I ca...
Onsale for $ 275.00 and shipping from South Lake Tahoe, California...read more on eBay...

 by j0nbazn posted on Aug 07, 2020 20:49

leica leitz leicaflex sl 35mm slr film camera glossy black brass paint
Leica Leicaflex SL SLR Body- Rare Leicaflex Black Paint Camera has wear seen throughout the body. I am not an expert but I do shoot film almost exclusively. The viewfinder worked very well for me, but someone with more strict preferences would want to get the viewfinder cleaned. I just received my Leicaflex SL2 Jahre that has been CLA'd by DAG this year and this camera feels very similar. I would have no issues with using either in general. I actually loved the SL microprism focusing screen so much, I had DAG put one into my SL2. I have created many beautiful photos with this particular body. The meter actually works, but I cannot guarantee the longevity and reliability of the meter since it is quite old. Please refer to pictures for more detailed views of t...
Onsale for $ 420.00 and shipping from Bellevue, Washington...read more on eBay...

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